Friday, February 15, 2013

Gone Too Long

My title says it all. I've been gone too long. My last post was all about the wedding but so many other wonderful things have taken place since then. We moved into our first home & we have a little addition to the family now. :)

Needless to say, it is really time for my blog to go in a different direction. Life is no longer all about me. And so as I start to update you guys on the changes that have taken place, I will also be writing a lot about the 'now' because life is so much more awesome now.

Stay tuned & for those of you reading this post, thank you for not giving up on me!

With Love,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tea Ceremony

Typically, a chinese wedding would not be complete without the tea ceremony. This ritual is an ancient custom intended to demonstrate respect & honor for family. We made the decision to do the tea ceremony without any family pressure simply because we knew it would mean alot to them & we wanted to give our parents that respect.

My favourite part of the ceremony was actually the outfit! Hahahaha...

Okay lah, the ceremony was also very meaningful. I'm actually really glad we did it!

Hilton reserved a function room for us to have our tea ceremony.
Ivy came to Hilton early evening to do up my hair & make-up again.
Love the qua so so much!
My sweet mother-in-law got my dragon-phoenix bangles customised by hand, in 3D with rubies for eyes. Cool huh?
Love the threading on the qua!

Dunno why I'm standing with my legs so far apart here!!!!
The tea set that my darling chose.

Nice picture of Caitlin & me. She loves to take photos!!!
My darling bros!
They have been such a great support to me over the years & it all just keep getting better. Love them so so so much!!!!
Serving tea to my FIL & MIL.

Tea for Pa & Mom
I think this is the look of extreme happiness!
And this too!

By the way, I love how my hair was done for the evening. Simple & classy. Not too everdone.

Getting abit bored with the ceremonial stuff.
My eldest sis-in-law.

Thanks for your big ang pow!!!!! Hahaha...
My youngest sis-in-law & her husband. Thanks for your big ang pow too!!!!!

My darling bros serving us tea. Was a really special moment even though I kept laughing.
Then serving us our sweet dessert.
So nice to have my bros play such an active role in the happiest day of my life.

And then we fed each other! I only had one tang yuan. Was so good I wished they kept the rest for me to eat after the dinner!!!

Darling's best friend - Soe, his wife & her parents. They have been so supportive throughout the wedding. They came for church & dinner, beautifully dressed & all jolly happy to share our joy. That's what friends are all about!!!!
Darling refused to ask Soe to help out in his wedding because he has two kids & we felt we shouldn't hassle him too much but he was on standby ever ready to be there for my us.

Thank you so much guys for the love & support! We love you too!!!!
Pa & Uncle Val
Mom & Aunty Lilian

To everyone that came for the tea ceremony, thank you so much for making the effort. It meant so much to us!

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Church Wedding

 "Going to the chapel & we're gonna get married.
Going to the chapel & we're gonna get married.
Gee, I really love you & we're gonna get married.
Going to the chapel of love."

My "An Chuang" the night before the wedding. Darling's mom went over to our new place to put on our new bedsheets etc.
Our lovely mass booklet. Designed by my darling bro. Not sure if he realises how talented he is.

My darling getting dressed in our new home.
The gorgeous tux designed & customised by Bridal Veil. We had plenty of compliments on his suit!
Darling's best friends. Sai & Latt.

My wedding gown. Beautifully done by Bridal Veil.
Our wedding bands. 
Ivy doing up my hair & make-up. This was where reality started to hit me. And HARD!
Ivy did such a wonderful job. No complaints!

OMG! Super expensive wedding shoes man!!!
My daddy & mommy covering up the veil for me.
All set to go!
Mom & I
What's so funny was that Pa, in his excitement forgot that he was supposed to shelter me with the red umbrella. Until Glen our photographer said, "Er Uncle, you are supposed to shelter the bride & not yourself leh!" Hahaha...
Heading off to church!
Pa & I
My flower girls! They were equally excited as me to be in a pretty dress! And boy did they step up & play their roles. So so proud of them!!!! Really wished Megan could have been part of the wedding though.
Us getting ready to walk down the isle. Last one as a single!
My nervous groom & my bro waiting & waiting...
And the music starts! Look how cute!!!!
So nice to see my Pa smiling like that. Wish he smiled at me like that more often!!!

Darling nervously reading his vows.
Okay, I know we're reading from the book & I also know how everyone keeps saying, "You must memorise your vows!!! Recite from your heart then its meaningful!" Ya right! Try memorising WEDDING vows, reciting infront of so many people, knowing well you CANNOT screw up, see whether you can remember anot lah! Talk cock sia!
Our first kiss as a married couple! Sweet!
Only after this hug then he cried lah! I waited sooo long to see the tears!!!
My darling MIL. She played such a wonderful role in making it all work out. I love you May!!!
Awww.....mother & son moment...
The signing!
Right at that moment, I asked myself, "WTF? I thought you swore never to sign this???" But I knew it was all so worth it & I was doing the right thing. I signed away HAPPILY! Hahaha...
Our witnesses & sponsors, Uncle Val & Aunty Lilian.
My In-Laws
My Family
One Happy Family
Our bestmen & bridesmaids.
I threw the flowers at Ade! happy she caught it! I hope the next wedding I attend is hers!
Darling giving mom the "diaper" ang pow.
Mom's side of the family.
My youngest sister-in-law's husband & his bro.
My God-Family. Thank you Godma for all the support. Money could not buy what you did for us. You will always be a very dear part of our lives. I love you so so much!!!!
My bestie & her sis's family.
My sister-in-laws & a family friend.
*Get well soon Choo! We are all praying for you!"
The guys. Thank you all for the unconditional help & support.
My bridal party. Who did almost everything to make the wedding a success.

Thank you so so so much guys!
Thank you for putting up with all my breakdowns, tantrum throwing & tears. Thank you for doing so much for this special day. You guys mean the world to us & we really appreciate everything.

Oh! And thank you for the awesome surprise Bridal Shower in MBS. It rocked balls man!!!!